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Therapeutic massage




Essentially, "bespoke" means, tailored to one's needs


Bespoke Facial + Body Services

Glow Getter Facial

45 min - $115

This brightening + hydrating facial packs a punch with its vitamin C, omega fatty acids and hyaluronic booster.

 Bonus!  It will leave you illuminated with an iridescent whipped mouse to finish.

* Not for sensitive skin - Limit sun exposure 

Elevate your Facial with one of our enhancements:

Kick it! - Perfectly Pouty - Fresh Vibes

Vibrant Tone

45 min - $115

This toning + tightening facial will not only leave you firmed and replenished but will also help soften deep wrinkles and helps say goodbye to tired eyes with a hello to a more vibrant you!

Honey Chai Polish

45 min - $120

Whipped Honey full body scrub + Warm shower to rinse, only to end it all with a lux Honey Chai shea moisturizing massage. 

Sounds like a Fall to remember

Or... enhance your massage with shortened version for $85

Buff - N - Toned

60 min - $140

 You'll be looking fine with our Lymphatic dry brushing + warm toning mask painted on all the right places + wrapped up cozy warm and ending with a silky buttermilk lavender moisturizing massage.