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Therapeutic massage




Essentially, "bespoke" means, tailored to one's needs


Couples + Groups 

Life is elevated when we spa together!

Keepin' it Va. nil. la

60 min - $240      90 min - $360

Just a damn good couples massage in the same room on the same vibe.

Heighten the Vibe

75 min - $299

60 min Couples Massage or Facial + 15 min Couples Infrared Sauna 

Each can choose their vibe of our Bespoke Massage or Vibrant Tone Facial

Mini Getaway

90 min - $240

Choose 3 mini versions of our most popular services. 

(Massage - Facial - Scrub - Wrap - Get grounded)

This is a dope package for a single but more fun for groups. 

Even better - add the Sauna enhancement to really turn the heat up on your mini getaway.

Love yo self

2 hr - $275

This moment is just for yo bad ass self!

60 min Hydrate, Honey Massage + 45 min Vibrant Tone Facial + Kick it! Enhancement

The Getaway

2.5 hrs - $330

Oh boy! This package is the whole shabang of getaway goodness.

60 min Bespoke Massage​

45 min Glow getter Facial

30 min Honey Chai body scrub or warming Cactus toning wrap

15 min Sauna sesch